Trees on The Sunninghill Trust Land

The Sunninghill Trust welcomes the recreational use of its land.

The trees are surveyed on a regular basis & any recommended work is undertaken, however, from time to time trees may become dangerous due to an event such as a storm, flood or vandalism, resulting in part, or all, of the tree presenting a danger to the public. Alternatively, a tree may reach a dangerous state by ongoing decay or disease, or may have grown in such a way as to be structurally unsound.

We will investigate reports regarding trees that are imminently likely to cause damage.

Only a qualified arboriculturist can determine whether a tree is dangerous and the action necessary to remedy the situation.

If you would like to report a problem please email The Sunninghill Trust:

The Sunninghill Trust's main objectives are relief of hardship, assistance to the sick and elderly and support of recreational and educational facilities.