Our support in action – Martha McCarthy

We are delighted to extend our support to Martha McCarthy with a grant of £11,000 towards new, specialist equipment, the Innowalk.

Together with the money raised by her family already this grant will provide sufficient funding to meet the full cost of the Innowalk.

About Martha

Martha has a rare chromosome disorder called Microdeletion 16p13.11. At the time of diagnosis there were only 50 people worldwide with the same condition and the symptoms vary from person to person.

For Martha it means she has no independent mobility – she cannot roll, crawl, stand, walk or help with transfers, she can’t speak and she has severe learning difficulties, meaning an adult must help her with all activities. She has a mild high frequency hearing loss, bilateral astigmatism, scoliosis and at 6 years old she was also diagnosed with Epilepsy.

We would invite you to read Martha’s blog, which introduces you to Martha and provides more information about her incredibly rare condition

Commenting on the grant Wayne Phelan, the Sunninghill Trust’s Chairman, commented “We had the recent pleasure of meeting Martha and her family. We were struck by Martha’s strength, energy and resolve and are delighted to be able to provide this support. We are excited about seeing Martha’s progress with the Innowalk.”

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