Terms and Conditions of Grants

Terms and Conditions

The Trust reserves the right to  demand the return of all grants and awards if any of the supporting information provided by the Grantee, material to the grant being made, is found to be untrue.

The grant must be used only for the purpose for which it is paid.

The Trust reserves the right to take action against anyone who uses the grant (or any part of it) for any other purpose without the Charity’s prior authority.

The Trust reserves the right to request repayment of the grant if it is not used within three months without a written explanation.



Date Protection Act 1998

If you intend to apply to the Trust for funding please note the Data Protection notice set out below.

If you apply to us for a grant, we require certain personal information about you to ascertain whether you are eligible for a grant. When we receive an application, we shall open a file for you. This file will contain the grant application and any correspondence and information that we receive from others. It will also contain details of any payments that we may make to you.

The information in your file will be used to determine whether a grant can be made to you by the Trust and to maintain financial records as required by law.

We keep all such information confidential and will not pass your details to any other person or organisation, except where we are required by law to do so or to comply with the Charity Commission’s requirements. We may disclose the amount and purpose of the grant made to you in our annual report for accounting disclosure purposes, but not your name and address. We keep records for 6 years and destroy them after that time.

When you make an application to us for grant assistance, we shall deem that you consent to our keeping your personal data on file (including information that may be sensitive personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998) and to process such data for the purposes stated above unless you inform us otherwise.

The Sunninghill Trust's main objectives are relief of hardship, assistance to the sick and elderly and support of recreational and educational facilities.