Covid-19 Coronavirus – supporting local residents


Coronavirus (Covid-19) is causing considerable concern to many people – be that uncertainty about the disease or the financial challenges that this will bring.

The Sunninghill Trust offers help in times of hardship, we want to remind local residents in Sunninghill, Cheapside and Ascot that we can provide financial support in difficult times.

If your family currently qualify for school meals, if you are elderly and isolated, if you are experiencing financial hardship or if you know someone that needs support then please get in touch.

Please phone and leave a message with your name and contact details and a brief overview of your situation. We will call you back on the number you provide.

Or, email us at with your name, address and phone number.

For more information take a look at our website.

This service is confidential and available to residents of Sunninghill, Cheapside, South Ascot and Ascot Parish.

We support a number of organisations who may also be able to help if we can’t – for example, Citizens Advice Bracknell, Ascot Volunteer Bureau and the Ascot Day Centre.

The Sunninghill Trust's main objectives are relief of hardship, assistance to the sick and elderly and support of recreational and educational facilities.